A House that Grace Built

A House that Grace Built Workshop

Thanks so much for registering for this workshop. This workshop focuses on the relationship side of recovery, and how it relates to freedom, wholeness and intimacy with God and each other. We are excited for what God has in store. By registering, you will have access to any updates or changes we make to this workshop. You will also get priority registration for any of our upcoming events. Best of all, you have access to each class. You can download the class notes, watch webinar/audio/video and use the download link for the workbook and journal.

Free Download of Workbook and Journal:

Download of AGTGB Workbook and Journal

Please note: this workbook doesn’t include the book itself. If you haven’ yet purchase the book, you can do so at this time:

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About the recordings:

We strongly recommend using a computer as opposed to a mobile device. However, you should have access to all the classes either way. These classes come in either webinar, audio or video, as mentioned already. Each is different depending on the technology we had available at the time of the teaching. In the future, we hope to make these all consistent.


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Chapter 12 – Part 2

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What if I have Questions?

If you have questions, please send us a form through our contact and we will do our best to follow up. Remember, we do offer individual counseling options. This is strongly recommended if you are feeling more individual support would be helpful.