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  ACADC Institute at Spirit of Life Recovery Offers Dual Substance Abuse Counselor Credentials

Are you seeking a professional certificate to enable you to work in the field of drug and alcohol recovery, but desire to do so from a Christian perspective? ACADC holds the solution and all the requirements to set you on the course to success, without compromising your belief systems.

  1. The CCAPP – Nationally Accredited (NCCA/ICE) and recognized by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) as a Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor Certifying Organization.
  2. The CDAAC – The professional Christian Certificate. This credential assures employers that a solid Christian education has been provided in addition to the education that is state required. The education goes ABOVE and BEYOND the baseline curriculum, and prepares students with a biblical worldview of addiction. The CDAAC has a progressive set of certificates that can be obtained through the different criteria explained.

About the Institute

New Life Spirit Recovery and Spirit of Life Recovery are educational providers for ACADC Institute, The California Consortium of Addiction Programs & Professionals and Briening Institute. This allows us to equip and provide the necessary education requirements to attain state-certification in the field of Drug and Alcohol Counseling. We offer a 26 week accelerated program to complete the 315 hour academic requirement.

Dr. Robert Tucker is the administrator and teacher of the Huntington Beach Institute. He not only understands the curriculum, but works in the professional field, thus brings a wealth of insight, knowledge and practical application to these classes. In addition to equipping students with the professional requirements, Dr. Tucker is known for his deep understanding of the spiritual roots of addiction, and teaches from a Christian worldview the necessity of applying spiritual remedies.

Steps To Become A Counselor

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Class Location:

We are held at the Spirit of Life Recovery educational facility in Huntington Beach, CA. Spirit of Life Recovery Center. Academic options include on-site and online (upon approval).
18652 Florida Street, Suite 225
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

PLEASE NOTE: Do not park in the front parking lot  (park in the rear parking lot, use the rear stairway, enter the glass door on the second floor and we are in the first suite on the left)

LIVE STREAMING IS NOW AVAILABLE. Please contact us directly to participate in a formal education process.

Classroom Time:

Every Monday and Tuesday evening from 6pm to 8pm.  The facility is usually closed on holidays.

Open Classroom:

Classrooms are open to anyone who wishes to audit the classes. We have community participants who merely want the teaching and fellowship, and don’t desire to receive any actual credential. Please call first to check on seating availability.

ACADC Accreditation

ACADCI – College of Addiction & Biblical Studies offers Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programs in Addiction & Biblical Studies and is an education provider for CCAPP, The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. CCAPP is Nationally Accredited through NCCA/ICE and is a California approved Addiction Counselor Certifying Organization. ACADC is also a Continuing Education Provider for CCAPP, Breining Institute, and NAADAC (#159494), the National Association for Addiction Professionals.

The Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate Program is designed to help individuals acquire the skills and certification necessary to counsel those who suffer from the effects of substance abuse.