Meet Our

Clinical Staff

Our team of professionals are skilled in the area of addiction, codependence, family systems and other crisis-oriented situations. We are ministers of God’s truth, using redemptive principles to walk men and women out of painful situations and into the influencing greatness of His power and goodness.


Dr. Robert Tucker, PhD, LCC

Executive Director & Senior Pastor

Dr. Tucker has worked with hundreds upon hundreds of struggling addicts and their family members. He also carries an amazing testimony of personal deliverance that took him from utter insanity into a life of stability, peace and wholeness. He understands the dynamics of the addiction-based family system and how it relates to unhealthy patterns. Most important, he passionately incorporates the healing principles of freedom into the very places of hurt and injury. Robert has trained and counseled thousands of men and women on the process of authentic recovery and spirit-led change and transformation. He recently co-authored Christian Families in Recovery alongside his wife Stephanie.

Stephanie Tucker, DMin., MDAAC, LCC

Program Director

Stephanie Tucker founded the codependence workshops in 2009. She is the author of The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance, A House That Grace Built, and co-author of Christian Families in Recovery. Stephanie is an anointed author,  speaker and teacher, and is passionate about lovingly, yet fearlessly helping people to expose and eventually rid the toxic elements of codependence, addiction and injuries of the heart. Her heartfelt desire is to see men and women seek God with all their heart, and be free from the bondage of survival mindsets. 


Certified Christian Counselor, Licensed Clinical Chaplain, Workshop Leader

Tina’s inspiring testimony shows where we are shattered the most, God can restore the most. Today, Tina assists others on the journey of recovery. Her history with substance addiction and codependence have equipped her to understand the nature of both struggles. Tina is a licensed clinical chaplain, trained and certified counselor who is passionate in seeing men and women set free from any affliction, but who is especially knowledgeable in the area of codependence. She is able to assess, understand and articulate solutions to the family and individual with professional insight, and spirit-led discernment that leads people into genuine freedom. Tina has a profound level of wisdom, drenched in grace, that allows her to navigate through the deeper and more challenging areas of a person’s life experience. She can take a person beyond surface levels and into the driving rooted issues. Do you want to schedule a session with Tina, click here.



Workshop Leader, Licensed Clinical Chaplain & Professional Certified Counselor

Lynne is a licensed clinical chaplain, a gifted teacher and professional counselor with a passion and unique insight into the nature of the family recovery processes. She has experienced heartbreak, grief and losses in her past. And today confidently expresses and lives out the nature of the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Her kind and responsive mannerism compliments her professional skills in assessing, understanding and helping individuals and families to overcome destruction patterns. Lynne is the main leader of codependence workshops at Spirit of Life Recovery, and has already led hundreds of people through the process of healing. To request counseling with Lynne, contact us

Dan Deghi, D.Min, CDAAC, LCC

Workshop Leader, Licensed Clinical Chaplain & Professional Certified Counselor

Dan spent years as a pastor and minister in the local church. His insight into the nature of brokeness and healing occurred through his experience and also through the challenges he himself has overcome. Dan’s personal testimony is marred with struggles and the profound joy of redemption. Today, Dan is a powerful vessel of God’s grace. He is a skilled counselor and teacher who establishes an atmosphere that allows men to be  honest, vulnerable and real about their problems. Dan leads men workshops at Spirit of Life and also has the role as the head counselor of the men’s program at New Life Spirit Recovery. To schedule a session with Dan, contact us.